Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Pictures put together!

This pillow is adorable isn't it?? My friend Darci made it for me and showed me how to make it while she did. It is my GOAL to start making more. I am in LOVE with it ( especially the Alexander Henry print that is the red, yellow, brown and blue one ) and how well it fits with our new couch!

Potty Training!!!
We started with these......( 18 pair to be exact! ) yes that is Kai Lan on the front!
and some treats.....
and of course when we have success we need "ET treats" and stickers, Lucy's request!

and finally sat on this!!!!
First day we had 3 accidents, all in the same hour. I wanted to give up, they were all on the carpet and one after another, so naturally I thought this was going to happen all day. Nope. Just those three that day. Ohhh and we had poop on the potty! ( BIGGGG DEAL HERE! )
Second day we had two accidents, and they were both when Grandma was visiting ( we were a bit distracted)
Third day, one accident!
Fourth day was a Saturday. This mommy needed to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! I know that is not what you are supposed to do when potty training, but it was a necessity.
NO ACCIDENTS ALL DAY. We were gone almost all day except for nap time.
Fifth day, one accident, at Grandma's house.
Needless to say things have been going well. We are having a hard time going poop on the potty, but pee is a cinch! It has been a week and a half and today Lucy is finally telling me when she has to go. Let's hope this continues!

Grandpa and his loves.
My cutie patooties!!! Above and below!


Nikki said...

Ya Lucy!!! I am so scared to start potty training Aidan.. I just don't think he is ready yet!

Darci said...

Awwww thanks the pillow is GREAT!!! So happy that potty training is going good. Love that you got Lucy to let you do her hair love the braids.

KFuj said...

Way to go Lucy!! Keep up the good work :)


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