Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stetson's Blessing

Here is my handsome boy in his outfit :) I need to remember that this blessing took place when Stetson was only 2 months old. As BIG as he looks I could mistake it for 6 months!
Lucy was excited as well!
Excited to hold him really! We attempted some pictures.....they didn't turn out the best...but I had to include them!

The blessing was wonderful, Troy did a GREAT job!!! Afterwards we had family over to Lynda and Steve's to eat. ( What is ANYTHING without a feast afterward?)

Here is Aunt Donelle.
My dad and Nancy.
My aunt and cousin Morgan
Joel and Morgan
My Aunt Rowanne
PJ and I comparing the sizes of the kids. They are less than a week apart!
First family picture!
Kyle and Crystal

Some of the ladiessss
Trey and Lucy had a great time eating cake!

Funny faces and all!

The bar that Troy made for his parents the week before! He is so talented!

Lucy helping Trey eat....( cause he COULDNT do it by himself right? )

Thank you to EVERYONE who came! We had a wonderful time!

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