Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Day

We started the weekend before in making presents for our friends. We made homemade crayons... Lip gloss....

Lucy decorated the tops of the lip glosses.

We then packaged them with Fruit by the Foot (her favorite ) and a Spongebob Valentine Card.

She made them for her friends in her Sunday school class, her preschool friends, her friends at dance, and her church friends at the park. Lots of social groups she has!

Then the night before Valentine's Day we went out while Lynda watched the kiddos. I had class on the real Valentine's night so this was perfect!
Dropping the kids off at Lynda's.....
We did it nice! Troy suprised me with the Charthouse! It was SO delish!
We then went bowling!

When we came home that night Lynda had brought the kids to our house and decorated our house!

They even made cookies!
They made their own frames ....
She got pictures developed and put them in the frames.

The next morning I got them donuts and left them for when they all woke up. ( My Valentine's tradition 2nd year in a row )
Valentine's Day Lucy went to preschool and then went to a church get together Valentine party at the park. Busy day for dad but he loved it! Here is Lucy with her friend Emma.

We can't forget about Stetson ! Here he is stuffing his mouth with candy!

This Valentine's was the best yet!

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Abby said...

Look at all those cute things you did! How do you find the time?!!


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