Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OC Fair 2012

We made our annual trek to the OC Fair last week. I shouldn't say trek, as it is 15 minutes away! We scored coming in because we donated children's books and got in free, and found free parking at the high school close by, so we decided to spend that money we saved on FOOD! ( of course, right? fair food is AWESOME! ) Stet doesn't look too happy in this picture, I think because his sister got to go on a lot of rides and he had to sit out. He was two inches too short for most rides :( Lucy, on the other hand, LOVED the rides! I was so happy!

Lucy and I went on the ride ( forget the name ) that is up in the air and takes you to another part of the fair. It was scarier than I thought!
Here are a few pics from our ride in the air...

Stetson and Troy were watching us from below!
One of my favorite parts is getting to see/pet the animals.

Look at these dreads!

And it isn't a trip to the fair without getting my Australian battered potatoes! They had a cute little sign you could pose with, I think Lucy is a pretty cute kangaroo if you ask me!

There they are, drenched in ranch, the ONLY way to go! I ate all but one this year! They were amazing!
Lucy in line to go down a slide.
All three headed down....
LOVE this picture I caught of Stetson. He was petrified when he came off! Crying and the whole bit!
Lucy wanted to go on the bigger slide next door, she had a blast!

We had a great time! Until next year!!!

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Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

That looks so fun!! We were just at the fair last week too! I had a fried twinkie for the first time. I agree, fair food is sooo good! Loved the pictures - looks like you guys had a great time! :)


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