Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sooo late

Soo we moved into our new place a week and a half ago and its been busier than ever since then! Not to mention the fact that we dont have money for internet ..and the only time I can get internet is when a person in our complex turns on their internet and lets me wirelessly connect. I KNOW its illegal i know! We are going to see if we can scrounge up enough money for internet somehow because this is just HORRIBLE ! Needless to say I have been dying to see my friends blogs and I have been dying to put pictures up! As I type I am downloading 1100 pictures onto my laptop...from before I was prego up until pictures I took today...and I want to upload a bunch as soon as it is done. Lets pray that the people leave their computer on for a while so that I can upload and post some pics. Troys brother Kyle and his wife Crystal and their new son Trey are here for the week and I have been trying to get some pictures of them together. We went to Sears today and got a few pictures..but they wont be here for 2 weeks. SO I will be posting some on here. We are making progress on our place! That is one area I need to actually take pictures of...as I only have before pictures. We didnt get to do as much as we wanted due to all the money it would cost..but we did enough to make a difference to us and make it feel homier. I am SO GRATEFUL for my wonderful husband who is so good at working on our house and taking on little projects ( well they are little to others but when we do them they end up becoming bigger projects!) ok so my computer is STUPID. i have tried for 40 minutes to upload to blogger and it wont let me . i will keep trying but for now i have to go to bed! :(


Jenafer and David Lowe said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better we mentioned to our bishop our idea of "stealing" internet a few months ago while we were in an interview and he fully agreed with our idea to do that. It made me feel better at the time! You just gotta do what you can do! Glad to hear things are moving along, we love and miss you guys!

Barbour said...

Waters is on Irvine Lake, he comes back Aug 31 then we are camping that night in San O and trying to plan a family vacation a few days later.

krischelle said...

!!! when we were in our apartment, we had free wifi! ....from people all around us! hahaha which sucked cuz it'd be off sometimes too >_<.

its okay... everybody does it ;) haha


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