Friday, July 18, 2008


Welcome to our now private blog! Lucy is waking up from her nap so I can't yet put pictures up...but here is some news! We are in our house...we moved in last Saturday..things are going GREAT! We are still working on little projects here and there but for the most part we are done! AND Lucy got her first tooth on Wednesday! Yahoo! Front bottom tooth. So cute! Its too tiny to get a picture of just yet...buts its there and its SHARP!
Hopefully summer is treating you well and I will be posting pictures either tonight or tomorrow so check back!


Jenn said...

A toooooth!!! Yeahhhh!!!

carolemead said...

Heh - You've got to be proud, I logged on -- can't wait to see pictures of the house and Lucy

Love, Carole

Krischelle said...

ooh tooth!! i wannna see!!! :) umm, where are you guys now? or is it a secret? haha


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