Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Beach

We went to a beach that is specifically for little ones near the pilgrim in Dana Point with my friend Claire and her sister Adrienne. It was so fun! Lucy loved it! The only problem? Tiny sand crab bites allll over us! We were bleeding after getting out of the water! Crazy!


Rob and Cherie said...

All the pix are so precious! Glad you've gotten some fun beach days in this summer. Bummer works starting up again though, but so happy you guys found a good daycare. So weird I'm not starting off my school year, but so exctied for our little Riley to arrive soon. We'll have to get together on a weekend after she's here.
Cherie:) said...

cuuuute pictures! ..but yuck on the sand crab bites! hope you guys healed quick! :)


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