Thursday, August 21, 2008

sleeps good!

The above pictures are when my nephew Trey ( 10 weeks at the time) was visiting at the end of July. Thought you might like to see!!
Well...I wrote the last blog actually before I went back to work...I wrote it on like friday or saturday and I actually didnt go back to work until Monday. I did that so that I could post a blog on Monday...I would just have to copy and paste the writing part. So part of the blog wasn't true.
Lucy IS sleeping through the night now again. YES! ANd guess when she decided to do it?? The first night that Troy had dad duty..the night before I went back to work. Weird. Because she decided to NOT sleep through the night once I was home for the I got up every night at like 330am to feed her. The DAY i go back to work...she decides to sleep! Lucky Troy!
And day care has been great so far!
She loves it and they love her! Yippee!!! They always comment on how happy she is :) I love my little Lucy!

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