Sunday, February 8, 2009

New New New!

fuzzy picture....but this is Troy and Lucy putting up new faux wood blinds. We now have NO MORE vertical blinds throughout the ENTIRE house we have these! They are beautiful and look great!
Demolishing our nasty rotted fence

The view on our left...the white fence is our neighbors fence.The view to our right...this is our other neighbors place. Obviously we had to take down the fence from both sides and put up new fences between us and our neighbors.

Ta da! The new gate!!
A side view....we hung solar lights that light up for the first few hours after sunset. Those nasty toys in the corner are our dogs toys.....and they are soggy from the rain. But boy she loves being in the backyard! She now comes in from being outside and POOPS out for hours!

We have been very busy lately..having tons of fun as well! We are getting a pretty big tax refund so we have taken on some more DIY projects in the last two weeks. This is one of them! A new fence!! We are SO happy with it. Troy is SUCH a great DIYer....I am so lucky to have him around (hehe) he LOVES to do what most wives beg their husbands to do or at least hire help to do!! Next on the agenda....our upstairs bathroom--taking down the UGLY wallpaper border that came when we bought the place, painting, new baseboards, new medicine cabinet, new sink and cabinet, all new lights and faucet....maybe a new toilet if we feel like it! Then, furnishing our backyard and all new doors upstairs and touching up the paint we did this summer ...wish us luck!!

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Tawny said...

Your fence turned out so great! I love the solar lights hanging on the sides too! Troy did a fantastic job!!! And I totally know what you mean about the vertical blinds...we had those when we first moved it and it was one of the first things to go!


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