Monday, February 23, 2009

update on US

So there are no pictures...I wasn't about taking the camera this weekend ...although we were VERY busy.

Friday night I was able to go to my teammate Jen's shower in Chino was so much fun! There was good food, fun friends ( its nice to spend time with coworkers WITHOUT being at school) and I got to hold Jen's sisters baby Leilah who is 5 weeks old. I held her for a LONG time and it was so relaxing, it's so funny that it feels like SO long ago that Lucy was that small!

Saturday we took Ellie to the dog park in Laguna canyon for some time to get all her energy out. She LOVED it. We then were making it home just in time to get Lucy down for her nap we had a birthday party to go to...and we realized we had locked ourselves out of the house. Yikes! This is like the 4th or 5th time at least that we had done this. We borrowed a ladder from a neighbor and Troy climbed into the 2nd story like usual, but this was at least an hour later...which made us late for the birthday party..but it all worked out fine. We went to Braden's 1st birthday ( he is the boy that Lucy is always with in pictures) and we hung out at the park where his party was until it was almost dark! At this point I was feeling pretty tired and my right eye was looking pretty horrible. We had my friend Claire's shower/bday party to go to, but I decided we needed to actually stay home due to my sick looking eye. Good thing because.......

Sunday i woke up with a SWOLLEN, CRUSTED, BLOOD RED eye!!! Lovely details, I know. I decided I had to go to my church meetings and then worry about my eye..thinking it may get better. I went to my first meeting at 7am ( sick and wrong---this is the time I now have church meetings on Sunday) and then came home, visited with Lucy and Troy, and went back for another meeting at 10am. Church then started at 11:30, and by the time it came to be about 1pm I thought my eye was going to need to be surgically removed. Pink eye, most definitely. Its just annoying, not PAINful, just ANNOYING! You want to itch it so bad but yet cant. I REALLY dont want Lucy to get it either so I was very careful. We came home, put Lucy down for a nap, and then our home teachers came over ( friends who visit us once a month and give us a lesson out of the scriptures) and I decided it was time to head to Urgent Care. I was there for 3 and a half hours!!!! Just to be diagnosed with what I already knew.
Oh well---- I am just happy that Lucy does not have it!

Health update!!!
-Lucy went to the doctor Friday for a check up from a month ago when she had an ear infection. They said it is STILL there. NOT GOOD. Troy refused to put her on antibiotics for the 6th time since she was born, and the dr. referred us to a ear, nose and throat doctor. The office called me today and scheduled a hearing test before her appt ( ummm that doesnt sound good) but it isnt until March 20th. Troy is going to see if he can get it earlier. I wonder if they will put tubes in her ears? We will see .......poor baby.

- I still have my sinus infection and now pink eye, and I received some news about my cat scan even though I havent see the head and neck dr yet. Another dr who looked at it emailed me and said that I do have a crooked ( deviated) spetum and I will more than likely require surgery because it doesnt drain. I have my appt. for next week. We will see what happens there!!!

lots of drama in the Sherman household. Troy is leaving this weekend to go to St. George to play golf all day if anyone is around and wants to hang out let me know!!

Oh AND, there are BIG chances I could get a pink slip at my work ( thanks budget cuts) and if I do, I am applying ANYWHERE that is hiring.

Lots of things up in the air right now...
lots of prayers happening !!!
Hope everyone had a great Monday!!


Darci said...

Seriously all of that stuff is crazy. You guys have alot going on. Sorry about the pink eye, hopefully it gets better soon.

The Trapp Family said...

That is a lot going on....I am glad you only had pink eye and not somthing worse. Call me saturday....Jeff has to We should play!!

Tawny said...

Wow, you guys were busy in the midst of not feeling 100%! Joe had tubes in his ears...and my nephew just had them and it actually helped with a lot of stuff, but it is no fun as a mom to have to worry about having them put in :( So what happened at work? Email me and tell me what they told you about pink slips!!!


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