Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

One of my presents to Troy was this apple pie. It is a tradition to have this pie after I take my annual field trip to Riley's Farms with my kiddos. It is in Oak Glen. I have yet to go there for anything other than a field trip, but I have seen on lots of my friends blogs that there are plenty of other things to do !
Oh, my other present to Troy was Wii Fit!!! It has been so much fun! We opened the box around 11:00pm tonight and it is now 12:40am and we are going strong!!
A Valentine present from Grandma Lynda to Lucy. A matching bathing suit and cover up! Perfect for Hawaii when we go in June!

Grandma Lynda also got us a gift certificate to Ciao Pasta! And this adorable tshirt that I wore on Friday to school.

Troy really wanted to take a picture of me while we were waiting for our table.

We tried to get an of my presents for Valentine's day was this BEAUTIFUL necklace that I have been adoring for awhile, and matching earrings. Sorry the top of my head is cut off but its not the point of the picture anyway!

Doesn'y my chicken look like its in the shape of a heart!?! I HAD to get a pic!

Well it has been an eventful weekend and it's only Sat. night! I was at urgent care yesterday and Troy this morning! I have yet again another sinus infection ( or actually the one I have had since the beginning of December just hasn't gone away yet) and it got REALLY bad yesterday. So I went yet again to get checked out and this time they said that I may have a polyp in my nasal cavity or a deviated septum. Sooo, I have to get a cat scan this week and then go to a head and neck specialist the week following to find out the details of the cat scan. I guess I can hope for the deviated septum surgery and then I can get a cuter nose?!? I have ALWAYS hated my nose so it might work out in the end for me. But for now, I am on more antibiotics and a lot of the same stuff I was taking before and I am having to do a sinus rinse with something called the Neti Pot. I will spare you from the real details, but what it does is you put this pot of water into one nostril, and tilt your head, and then everything flushes through your other nostril. I have to do this two times a day for a couple months they say. We will see how I do!!

Troy on the other hand, was installing Lucy's blinds in her room ( they had to be special ordered because her window is much longer than most windows) and poor guy...he screwed a screw INTO his finger!!! Sick huh? So he went to Urgent care and they said that he almost got to the bone! There was tissue and fatty stuff hanging out! UGH! They said they can't do stitches for such a gash so they put a pressure bandage on it and gave him antibiotics!

We do have a very happy daughter though...she isnt teething at the moment so she is sleeping really good, and she is happily walking and playing ( thank you to no rain today) and is doing great even though mom and dad aren't!

Tonight my mom came over and watched Lucy and we went to Outback and saw a movie thanks to the kids in my class. ( Christmas presents). We saw He's Just Not That Into You. Don't get me started on the movie though. I was EXTREMELY disappointed to say the least. We had a lot of people recommend it, so we figured it would be great. I guess I am just VERY sick of the infedility that has sprung out in society. I feel like every movie we see ( we see like 3 a year) has some sort of infedility in it. I don't want to watch people ruin their marriages and especially on Valentine's day. I need to stop there or I will go on for like 3 hours about this topic.

So bad choice of movie but a fun night anyway!!!


Jessica said...

I'm jealous you're going to Hawaii! How fun :)

I hope you can get your sinus issues figured out, that sounds miserable :(
I've heard of the Neti pot, you'll have to let me know how it works out for you.

We also saw that movie yesterday but I thought it was cute. Maybe I was just so excited to go to the movies that I didn't care :) I do agree about the infidelity part though, that it is awful!

Crystal and Kyle said...

You are a great blogger! I had like 4 posts to catch up on in a week. :) I love Lucy's cute hair with the bow and dress. Yeah for walking.

That necklace is really cute, Kyle almost got me that for Valentines day too, but bought me 2 books instead cuz I don't wear jewlery very often, but it is very pretty.

We hope you and Troy feel better soon. You've had that sinus infection so long :(

Oh, and Ellie's little face is adorable. What a good dog to let Lucy climb all over her.

The Trapp Family said...

I am so glad that you guys got a night out. I feel bad that you didn't like the movie. I didn't love that part of the movie but I guess I just LOVED the other parts. Sorry we recommended a crappy movie!

As for the sinuses....I hear ya I have had one since november. But I hate Drs. and don't have the time so I NEVER go.

And Hawaii?? Fun. Jeff told me that Troy got a trip! We are going in April and taking
ALL the boys I am freaking out about the flight!
I noticed your necklace and earings the other night I just forgot to tell you...very pretty I have seen the commercials for that. And where is that store that Lynda got your shirt? It is so adorable.

Sorry for the long freaking comment. But really I haven't talked to you in forever!

I think you look gorgeous in your pictures!!

oh and you need to email Crystal and Kyle for me I want an invite to their blog....okay I am done done done!

Tawny said...

What an exciting Vday...minus the infection and finger :) Glad you got to enjoy an apple pie from Riley's farm...they always smell so good, but I never get one. I usually settle for the beef jerky and the huge cookies!

Darci said...

Sorry about all of the sickness, sounds like the surgery would be great for you. I can't believe that Troy strewed his finger, that is crazy!

The Castletons said...

Aww, I think you have a cute nose!

Hope you guys feel better soon!

Meghan Hein said...

The Neti Pot and I are BFF's. It is an elementary teacher's must have posession. I get sinus infections all the time too! My hubbie likes to say, "Why do you need antibiotics for a cold?" If only he knew how it feels! Ouch!
Looks like you guys had a fun Valentine's. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

The McLane Blog Page: said...

those pictures of you are beautiful!


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