Tuesday, February 2, 2010

24 weeks

Well I decided to write during my 24th week and take a picture at 24 weeks 5 days, so week 23 kind of disappeared....
Things to remember about this week: ( note that not all of these have to do with the pregnancy but I just feel like writing)
-Having MANY MANY people comment on how Stetson has really decided to show himself this week! ( hence = getting larger very fast)
-MAJOR gas ( sorry I know TMI) my whole family has had it so I don't really know if it is the pregnancy or just the food we are eating
-Lucy getting transitioned to her big girl bed! Then the same day getting sick and us trying to put her back in the crib to get a good nights sleep and she said " Nooo, crib for babies!!"
-Going to the Buick Open = being on my feet all day walking around a golf course, but having TONS of fun with Troy. Then getting Lucy her bed, and meeting Jen and Brad for Miguel's. Date days with the hubby are desperately needed!
- Worrying a bit about my job and the fact that I will probably be losing it for good this year, and having a newborn, however realizing it is beyond my control and if we lose our house we lose our house, but we will always have our kiddos and the love for each other!
-Swollen feet at the end of each day. Not bad ones yet, nonetheless they are swollen.
-Troy starting basketball and softball on Tues. and Thurs. nights, I am really excited for him and need to take advantage of the time to myself and sew or read or something! This time for myself will be gone shortly!
-Loving Kashi, roast beef sandwiches, hot chocolate, tangerines, pears, carrots, salads....still craving carbs non-stop and giving in, but trying to balance with this healthy stuff!


Crystal and Kyle said...

Fun baby bump! Lucy's bedding is very cute. The cinnamon rolls are from my bread recipe. :) But you don't cook them for 25 min like the bread only like 20. Just when they start to turn golden they should be taken out.

STEPH said...

You're right, Stetson has grown this last week! You're lookin like one hot mama!
Lucy's bed is SUPER cute!

Abby said...

You FINALLY look prego! So cute! I know why you have gas...KASHI. That stuff is killer!! You look so cute!!

Darci said...

So fun to see you getting bigger. We need to actually see each other in person soon. hehe.


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