Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Continued bad health and better news

Lucy walking into her room to see her big girl bed! Sorry my finger was over the flash!

Now for a health update and a little explanation of the bed!
So Saturday night Lucy was staying at grandmas while Troy and I spent the day in San Diego at the Buick Open. Lynda said that night she had a slight fever (99). Sunday she ended up having a 102 temp, and Monday she had 102-103. We took her to the doctor and explained we thought it was teething because she is getting her back right 2 year molar and showing ALL the teething signs, but he said it is probably a virus. Monday night ( last night) she slept great and didnt have a fever all night. She woke up and had a 99.8 in the morning, so Troy took her to daycare and we are hoping for the best. This is still very hard. She has been sick for SO LONG, and we had like 4-5 days of no sickness and then now it returns! My heart aches for my little Lucer Goose :(

On a better note, we transitioned her Sunday afternoon ( January 31st- right at 25 months old) to her big girl bed! She is doing GREAT so far! ( knock on wood right?) It is from Ikea and it is an extendable bed. It goes from toddler to twin, we decide how big we want it. I will post pictures tonight. Right now it is about toddler size, but its so nice because it is wide like a twin, so she has a lot more space. Who hoo and lets hope that it continues to go well! ( although she has learned when she wakes up from naps or in the morning to open her door and come find us---she hasn't learned to do that in the middle of the night.)

With some bad, we are bringing in some good!

*edited* on Tuesday-- Lucy's fever is gone now and she went to daycare today. I am beginning to think she may just be a high temperature girl and that all of it was teething. We went to the dr. last night and he said it was probably a virus, but I doubt it. We are now giving her Zyrtec again at night to help with congestion.


Tawny said...

I'm so excited about her big girl bed! Where are the pictures???!!! how is she doing? What is the latest update? Think of you guys! Lets get together again soon! Do you have a long weekend next weekend (the 12-15)? Instead of 2 Mondays off we get a 4 day weekend. I know Joe and I might go to the swap meet or the beach or something...don't know if we can go to DL or not? Miss you guys!

krista said...

Cute bed! How much was it? I am trying to figure out if we are going to do the toddler/twin thing with M and I didn't know something like this was available :) Do you have to buy a toddler and then a twin mattress?


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