Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Time!

To start are some pictures of Lucy and Stetson in Stetson's crib.....Troy says that he puts Lucy in Stetson's crib when he takes a shower and they play together. I wanted to see that in action one day. Super cute!

Next, last weekend we went to Monica and Randy's and hung out, swam, got pizza, and the girls all had a movie night. I was super worried because we were going to stay past 7 pm ( bedtime ) but it worked out perfect! Stetson slept on their couch in their front living room and admist a TON of noise...didn't budge. Lucy had SO MUCH FUN with Natalie and Kylie....they were so sweet to play with her for HOURS! Randy set up a little area for them to lay and watch Ice Age....on their 100 inch screen, with surround sound! We didnt leave until after 10pm! What a fun night for us all!

If you look can see Stetson's legs poking out of the blanket...

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