Friday, October 1, 2010

First Rice Cereal!

Well Troy decided one week before Stetson turned 4 months to try giving him rice cereal. We had agreed ( or at least I thought we agreed..maybe I just decided ) that we were not going to give him anything until 6 months old because it ends up being a hassle. BUT, Troy said that he is the one that stays home with him and he wanted to try it. This was the first time, and we did it for maybe 3-4 days and Stetson was actually doing really good with it, but we started to see him nighttime, mainly after he ate the rice cereal. He was more fussy, he was having blow outs in the middle of the night...many of them...and the doctor said he may be allergic to something in the cereal ( I used the Organic ). The doctor also said that rice cereal isn't anything "really nutritionally good" for Stetson. So, we stopped it! We will see what we end up doing. I am thinking baby food sooner or later :) I had to post these adorable pictures though!

Lucy was a little upset at the idea of so much attention on Stetson!! So this is what she did!
The bumbo wasn't working and the high chair was in our carport at the time, so we used the stroller and it worked like a charm!

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