Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lucy's 1st dentist trip!

Now that Lucy is BEYOND 3, I really knew I needed to take her to the dentist. I asked for a good recommendation from my friends and we fell in love! They were sooooo all about the child. Here are a few pictures of her visit. There were numerous waiting rooms, and this one had a few different gaming systems.
Getting her teeth cleaned....they give the kids sunglasses because the light is "so bright" when they are looking in her mouth. I was shocked she wore them, what a perfect picture opportunity!

The dentist checking for cavities, she didn't have ANY! Yahoo!
A trip to the toy chest ( the best part of the dentist right? )
And a little playing at the fountain afterwards.
What a perfect morning! Stetson was able to go the week after, he did just as well. Now we will be going every 6 months for the both of them.


Crystal and Kyle said...

I'm so glad they did so well. A good dentist is important when they are young. Trey really likes going to the dentist but our good friend is the hygenist so that helps. :)

Edward McNamara said...

Hooray for your kiddos! My son Mason also loves going to his dentist not only because of the freebies, but because he totally loves everyone at the dentist office. And I'm such a proud daddy for that!


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