Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Spring Break Vacation Part 1

Better late than never right? On spring break we took Lucy and headed down to San Diego. We had a GREAT time, other than the fact that Troy ended up getting BAD strep throat....but he was a trooper!!! So we started our vacation at Sea World! We got passes ( mine was for free because I am a teacher, awesome right? )

The first time we went to Sea World with Lucy we got cotton candy in order to keep the tradition going on we got some more! ( we need to stop this tradition because none of us like it! )

Another tradition picture....going to see the 4-D show.

When we finally got to our room Lucy had a blast playing with the keyboard and the telephone and called it her office."

The hotel was very different, it was the Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. It had just gone under a HUGE remodel, yet the room we stayed in seemed to still have the old feel....but we loved it!

Getting ice cream....and playing around in the grass.

From this ice cream spot ( off of Rosecrans ) we can see airplanes fly over as well!
This vacation I gave Lucy my ipod touch because I never ever use it...and she started to get a hang of after the pool that night she played around with it.
That is it for day one! ( something to remember? Troy getting a massive fever that night and throwing up ----poor guy! )

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