Monday, May 30, 2011

San Diego Vacation Part 2

We made the famous stop at Point Loma (where I did my undergrad )and Lucy and I took pictures of ourselves. Notice the beautiful ocean in the background? Yeah that view is from the cafeteria. :)
Lucy's picture she took of me.
Then we headed to Kaiser for Troy since he was feeling HORRIBLE. This is where they said he had strep throat.
She got so little sleep on this vacation, so she ended up taking cat naps when we were going places. That is what vacation is all about right?
Lucy and I dropped Troy off at the hotel to sleep all day and we went to see Hop ( the bunny movie) and then went and made a Build a Bear! It turned out that they had the bunny from Hop that you could make, so that is what Lucy chose.
Kissing the heart that goes inside the bunny.

Then we walked around the mall and went into the Disney store, where they were having a type of party. Lucy had a blast! Here she was making a crown for herself.

They copied the happenings of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, so they would watch a clip and then do what they did on the tv.
They practiced dancing....and here one of the helpers is twirling Lucy.

Then they had a parade!!!

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