Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

We decided to try and be crafty this Mother's Day. We made these jewelry holders for my mom, mother in law, me, and Lucy. You just put s hooks on the wire to hang your jewelry. They have worked really well for all of us ( now that they are all 8 months old as I write this. )This pink one is the one Lucy has in her room. We put this special stuff on the frames to make them look antiquey.....and we spray painted all of the frames before that.
This one had such awesome little beading on it!
We went to El Ranchito in Newport for dinner that day.

Stetson got his first lollipop.....

That morning Lucy and I got our ears pierced!!! Now that it is 8 months later...I can say I wouldn't do it again!!! I took mine out after a week due to infection....and Lucy's were fine..but about a month ago we wanted to change the earrings....and she had a fit .....and then we changed them, but she must have been allergic to the earrings so they got infected...needless to say neither of us have them anymore. It was fun that morning though :) She was super brave!
Trying to get the Mothers Day picture that every mom wants...however the kids weren't cooperating. This is the best we got! :)

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