Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy 2012!

We were so fortunate to win tickets again this year to the New Years Eve Bash that the OC fairgrounds put on. We won last year and this year....same blog too! ( that we won tickets off of ) It was a blast again! They added more food trucks and more attractions, and the best part was the casino! You got fake money as you entered, got to play whatever tables you wanted ( we stayed at the blackjack since it was the only thing we knew how to play) and then when you cashed out you got OC fair tickets for this summer! Awesome!
This truck was AMAZING! Second time we have eaten at the Burnt Truck.

They made it huge this year with tons of rides.

This was off of the Burnt fried chicken sandwich.
The most DELICIOUS truck there! The Grilled Cheese Truck! They stay in LA so we had never had the chance to eat here. I got a pepper belly type of grilled cheese stuffed with peppers, pepper jack cheese and the like. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G melt in your mouth food!

Yes that is Troy below. Don't be fooled by the nasty facial hair. Don't worry it didn't last long.
Dueling piano bar.
sad part of the night? We had to go to 9am church the next morning....and Lynda had to give a talk ( which she really doesn't like ) and they had watched the kids at their new house....with Stetson in a pack n play because they don't have room for their crib. Well lets just say Stetson stayed in the pack n play for about a total of two hours the whole night. Guess he climbed out nonstop and was running around their house until 4am. SO NOT LIKE HIM. She said he was super happy the whole time, just way excited to be able to climb out! :( Poor Lynda!

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