Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucy is Four!!!

We woke up early and took a trip to the mountains to go tubing!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! Our first stop was the bagel shop!

The kids did great on the way up. ( we made sure Lucy took dramamine beforehand poor thing! ) We finally got there and the kids were SO excited to get out and touch the snow! In fact all day Lucy kept saying she wanted to touch her nose to the snow!

Stetson BARELY made it. He was one inch shorter than you were supposed to be..but I stretched him as tall as could be for everyone that asked.

Lucy and I coming down the hill together.

Stetson and I.
I let him wear my hat for a bit.....the weather was AMAZING. We weren't cold at all!

Stetson LOVED the snow!
The lines to go tubing. We only got to go three times in two hours!!! Sad, but we still had a ton of fun!
And Lucy even got to touch her nose to the snow!
We then drove home, and had a party for her that night!

She got a ton of fun stuff and the thing she liked the best that night was her keyboard.
Stetson breakdancing to the music Lucy was playing!

My mom got an AWESOME cake!

Our two kiddos dancing the night away while we all watched and laughed!

I had a ton of fun on her birthday, and she said she did too :)

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