Sunday, November 30, 2008

LA Zoo- 4 new posts!!!

Sorry that these are completely backwards. I will learn to post correctly someday. So you can either go down from here or you can go to the bottom of the post and work up for our trip to the zoo. This picture was taken as we were leaving.....hence the sleeping child.
Two pooped kiddos...I was trying my best to get Riley and Lucy in the pic sleeping...instead it ends up looking like an awkward picture. Oh well!

The bear seemed to pose for us!

These pics are a little blurry of the animals..but wow were they amazing!

Our cute girls and their hoodies.

This is kind of funny. We were holding Lucy up to a sign that was a measurement of whether little ones can go on the ride or not...and Lucy was almost tall enough! We thought it was funny.

At the bird show.

Pretending to be a mom of two....only they 8 months apart so it wouldnt exactly work, but you get the idea! Cute backdrop heh?
The proud dads.

Real reindeer!

I wish I could express how hilarious this moment was...we were pretending to be prairie dogs ( i think that was the animal) and in order to go into these little domes you practically had to crawl underground ...and we were trying to do it with the kids...Cherie and I almost peed our pants while doing this...the guys did it after us and they basically showed off and had no trouble. So not fair. Here is Lucy and Troy on the left..and Rob and Riley on the right.

Lucy loved the petting zoo!

Lucy and I, and Cherie and Riley..sorry about the shade on our faces. Lucy is 11 months and Riley is 3 months.

Carolers! They were great! And so festive!

On Saturday we met up with my friend Cherie and her husband Rob and their new ADORABLE daughter Riley. They were kind enough to get us into the zoo for free and we had so much fun! We realized we didnt see too much though because we spent so much time taking pictures and talking......but that's ok, there's always next time!
It was the girls first time at the zoo...they both LOVED it ! Riley was smiles the entire time. She is such a peanut! I can't believe Lucy was ever that small.


Rob and Cherie said...

Thanks Sarah! We had such a great time:) Hope to see you guys again soon!

The Veneracion Family said...

I love how you change your blog with the season. Really cute! I can't wait til we can hang out with our kids. I laugh just thinking of Ramil doing the praire dog thing. hahahaha!

KFuj said...

Thanks Sarah for the great Zoo pictures. Lucy is so cute!

Krischelle and Jacob said...

omg i'm jealous!!! haha looks like you guys had tons of fun! i especially love the prairie dog Lucy is getting so big! i love her face :D


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