Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday ( 1 day late is ok)

1.) We are thankful for our new baseboards and wood floors...they look amazing!!! I love you Troy! ( pictures to come tomorrow)

2.) We are thankful we both have jobs. Although we may complain about them sometimes...we are lucky to get paychecks.

3.) We are thankful for our new home teachers. We just met them last night and they are super cool and easy to talk to. If you dont know, home teachers are guys from our church that are assigned to visit us once a month and kind of get to know our family and our needs. They are also there to help us if we happen to be in need of help. Troy is a home teacher as well. ( Darci we decided last night that we are going to be seeing a lot of each other during baseball season.---i think the guys will either be over here or over there... but your husband definitely motivated us to follow the news during off season)

4.) I am thankful that my parent conferences are OVER! Well I have one more on Monday but I have 33 done. It feels great but my body and vocal chords are EXHAUSTED! They are very fun to do but to teach and do them and have fires and drama and a sick baby ( will she ever be healthy? i feel so bad for her) it makes it soo much harder!

5.) We are thankful for Cox cable. They sent us a DVR box and hooked us up to all the cable channels for 3 months for free! YAHOOO for tivo again!

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Krischelle and Jacob said...

I like this Thankful Thursday thing! by the way, i'm also thankful for CoxCable... lol without them, i wouldnt be getting a paycheck! haha. p.s., the word verification is 'heaki'. kind of like a foreign way of saying 'hickey' lol


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