Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lucy Lately.....

Yes she has bed head...and you can't tell...but she had just gotten done playing in DIRT. Yes, I was trying to take a picture to prove I let her play and EAT it. What was I thinking????
How quickly she changes her attitude these days......take a look at the picture below....
Trying to get a mommy daughter picture....Ellie always gets in the background somehow....

My attempt at another mommy daughter picture...its all I can get these days! And Lucy loves saying Hi and Good Bye by waving!

Our little girl is growing so fast! On Thanksgiving she will turn 11 months! Where has the time gone?
As of tonight she is officially saying these words:
Uh oh
Arf ( the dog sound)
Tikawut tikawut tikawut= Tickle Tickle Tickle ( really quickly and all jumbled together its adorable)
Dudda= Bubba ( our cat)
And like I mentioned above..she waves hi and bye and LOVES to dance!!!!

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