Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lucy's First Halloween!

We loved the "backdrop!" RIP signs, green lights...fog...Braden and Lucy were so enthralled!

The two eager daddies and their babies!

I loved how her tail went down his back!

LOVE the mohawk!

One of the houses we trick or treated at had a little movie going on for the kids out in front of their house.

I guess they drive around in Ladera with golf carts?!? They were allll decorated for the holiday!

Dipping into the bowl for candy! Look below the silver bowl and you will see Ellie's head! yep she came with us there too!

The two proud dads!

We went trick or treating last night with our friends Matt and Christine Smith and their son Braden. ( who is about two months younger than Lucy). We had SO MUCH FUN! I was a little aprehensive because of Lucy and how she gets fussy at night time towards 7pm...and just how people would look at us carrying babies around collecting candy. Boy was I wrong in all areas! We went to Ladera Ranch and it was perfect! Seriously every house was decorated, and EVERYONE loved to see the babies! Neither baby got fussy, they were soo into it! I am so happy that we did it, and that we went with the Smith's. The dads ( Troy and Matt) were all smiles as they went up to the doors with their new babies. What a special memory! Thanks Matt and Christine!


Darci said...

I love that the tail hung down his back too, so cute. You should have just stayed here in the complex there was TONS of people & candy.

Rob and Cherie said...

So cute. Glad y'all had a great first Halloween with Lucy. You'll have to check out our blog...our baby girls were both giraffes:)

Crystal and Kyle said...

I love her little mane! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We were party poopers and didn't take Trey Trick or Treating. I didn't think he was old enough to really enjoy the experience yet and I was sure our neighbors would know the candy was for us since he doesn't even have teeth. :)

Tawny said...

Lucy is the cutest little giraffe I've ever seen! Looks like you had a blast for Halloween!


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