Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

We had the best 4th of July this year! We hung out with our friends The Paino's and stayed local and made it a great day! In the morning we went to the Huntington Beach Parade. We only watched about half of it. We were in the direct sun the entire time, and that mixed with a crowd that you can't move around in, made me even hotter!! So we left before we started to get really miserable. It was a huge parade though, and Lucy loved it! We then came back to our house, Lucy and Travis napped, then the daddys took the girls swimming, we BBQ'd, then went to Flojo park by our house and watched the fireworks. All of the kids did great, and that made the parents extra happy! Thank you Paino Family for coming down and sharing this special day with us! Oh! and by the way, We DID NOT plan the girls outfits! We just really have a lot in common! It's really funny actually! Guess that is why we are friends!
My attempt at a 4th of July dessert!
Thank you Joe for this family picture!

Right at Main and PCH where we stood to watch the parade.

It was a BIT hot!

Watching the parade from a higher point of view!

When Lucy woke up, Sammy wanted to give her a hug....but Lucy wasn't yet that into it.


Now Lucy was ready to hug!

So I went out with Tawny's nice camera to take pics of the girls and dads at the pool, and her camera died! This was the only one I got...on their way back...with our camera.
Lucy's famous close your eyes pose! She has been closing her eyes a ton lately! Like in the pool, you name it! And laughing all the while!

Spinning and dancing with Daddy!
The girls both attempting to do sommersaults! Well Lucy attempted and Sammy was doing them!

One of the better attempts at a Paino Family picture :)
We loved taking pictures of the girls!

I LOVE this one of Lucy! Thank you Joe!
Mommas and Friends!


Crystal and Kyle said...

Hey Sarah, sorry, I didn't load the picture so I just assumed it was you. But I should've known, name is spelled different. :) Way cute quilt. Lucy's dress for the 4th was very cute.

ryansmom said...

Love all the pictures. I made that same dessert one year too. The girls look so cute in the same dress. Have a wonderful time in San Diego. Looking forward to reading all about it. Take care:)

Tawny said...

Great post!!! You have some cute pics that I didn't get!!! We had a great time!!! Im so bummed, we left before I got to try your yummy dessert :(

Krischelle and Jacob said...

OMG LUCY IS JUST GETTING MORE AND MORE ADORABLE!!! I love that little july 4th fam pic of you guys! We are totally in need of a baby! lol looks like you guys enjoyed! :D NICE! thanks for sharing the pics! oh and i love that last one of Lucy, too!


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