Monday, July 6, 2009


Eight things I look forward to...
1. My San Diego vaca that starts in a day!
2. Lucy getting all her teeth! ( haha – it will make my ears feel a bit better!)
3. Troy getting something new to drive! ( well new to us!)
4. Learning about my new job!
5. Finishing Lucy’s rag blanket tonight!
6. Reading a good book!!
7. Finding new things to do as a family!
8. MISSION VIEJO LAKE! My favorite place lately!

Eight things I did yesterday...
1. Went to church
2. Went to primary for the first time and sang a lot of new songs!
3. Spend three and a half hours on Lucy’s rag blanket!
4. Got to sleep in! ( thanks Troy!)
5. Cruised Ikea and got Lucy her first pillow! She is in love with it!
6. Peeked in on Lucy like 20 times to see her sleeping with her pillow.
7. Watched golf and some tribute to Michael Jackson
8. Played with Lucy!!! Soo much fun!

Eight things I wish I could do...
1. Be organized enough to ALWAYS have balanced meals every night
2. Sew more often
3. Read more often
4. Walk the dog everyday
5. Blog right after something happens!
6. Have more kids and not worry about daycare prices or morning sickness
7. Get Troy a BRAND NEW car!
8. Have all of our house repairs done ASAP!

8 Shows I Watch:
1. The Office
2. Rachael Ray
3. Anything on HGTV!
4. Jon and Kate Plus 8
5. The Bachelor (& Bachelorette)
6. Here Come the Newlyweds
7. Bringing Home Baby ( NO I’m not pregnant!)
8. Angels Baseball

I am adding something! 8 things I LOVE to eat/drink!
1. Cereal and milk
2. Lately I have REALLY been into eating strawberries!
3. Cheeze-its! They have been my favorite ever since college when I gained 40 pounds in two months my freshman year! It's is all gone now! hehe
4. Sonic Cherry Limeade!!!
5. In N Out Animal style hamburgers
6. Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas!
7. Flour Chicken Taquitos
8. Crockpot chicken and rice!

I tag Jessica, Crystal S., Crystal L., Becca, Jen Ven and Stephanie! Get to it girls!!!


The Veneracion Family said...

Okay, okay...I'll do it! =)

Tawny said...

That is SOO great that she got a pillow and LOVEs it! So cute! Can't wait to see pics :) Oh and I second the wishing to read more!


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