Sunday, July 26, 2009

San Diego Vaca Part Three ( last post )

A collection of random photos ...I promise this is the last post of our vacation. It was like 2 weeks ago and I am still posting..because I don't want it to go away and can I just say that I LOVE letting Lucy eat whatever, sleep whenever, stay up late...I want to be on vacation A LOT more with our little fam!!! Eating Lucky Charms in bed....
Feeding mommy

Rockin Baja Lobster...Troy and I LOVE this place! I forgot to mention that Lucy lived on junk food this week...and chips and salsa were her #1. Hence the plate of different salsas she was dipping in.

Our bucket of lobster tail, shrimp, carne asada and chicken
Our hotel room..closer up

Lucy's first stab at Smarties. She loved them!

Feeding Daddy!

Having fun being thrown on the bed!

Playing in the sand in Coronado...hence the hotel in the background

Cheeto Fingers!!!!
So we went to Pacific Beach and explored a bit...and found THIS! ( look above) If you click on the picture you can see it in a better adorable was this!!??!!


ryansmom said...

It's fun to go on vacations but it's funny how the simple things in life, such as sitting in bed eating Lucky Charms, bring just as much joy.

Crystal and Kyle said...

Lucy's Spot picture is so cute :) I'm so excited to get the cousin pictures printed that we took. If you don't get any from Lynda I can send you some. Oh, will you send me pics from Sea world and the week so I can add those to my blog too? Thanks!

Darci said...

Awesome!!! Love that you found a place that is totally for Lucy. I ove vacations too they are the best especially the beach.


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