Friday, July 24, 2009

Update and water play

Well I have been super bad at posting, mainly because I got a new job!!! Mainly everyone knows by now, in fact I have been there for two weeks already! I am an editor for Teacher Created Materials, Publishing. It has been very different, kind of a hard adjustment, mainly because I am sitting down for 8 hours reading A LOT of text! But I am getting used to it, and there are actually a lot of perks.
#1 they have a starbucks machine that makes hot cocoa, or regular or decaf coffee
#2 they have a HUGE assortment of free ice cream ( Snickers bars, cookie sandwhiches, three different types of haggen dazs ( dont know how to spell it) bars, drumsticks, healthy choice bars, weight watcher bars---you name it they have it!
#3 they pay for a portion of Lucy's daycare
#4 not bringing stuff home at the end of everyday
#5 they gave me a choice of doing whatever 8 hours i want to do between 6am-6pm so I am doing 7am-330pm.
#6 when you are sick ( like i am today and was yesterday--all you do is call in --no sub plans!!!)
Right now I am working on a project that is a physics book for 3rd-5th grade---it actually is very fun!!
Right before I had to start working we took a family vacation to San Diego since we knew that I would be getting into work with no breaks anytime soon. I will post pictures of San Diego today. This week, we have been hanging out with Troy's brother Kyle and his wife Crystal and their son Trey this past week. I will post pictures of that too! I have sooo many pictures to post, and I intend on spending some time while sick today doing it. The following pictures are actually from quite a while ago but I had to post them! My friend Cherie came down with her 9 month old Riley and we went to Mission Viejo Lake. It was so much fun!

"Hi Friend!"

Lucy LOVED Riley's sand toys!

Once again, Lucy making her cheesy smile !!


Abby said...

I am so glad that you are adjusting to your job! I hope that you feel better! Love all the pictures.

We need to get our families together one of these days and go to the lake. It would be so fun!!!

Tawny said...

You do have many great perks...LOVE the idea of NO sub plans and getting to chose my hours :)

ryansmom said...

I've been wondering about your new job. I'm glad you're adjusting. The perks are really cool. I would be in trouble with the free ice cream. It looks like you had a great time at the lake. Take care and feel better soon.

krista said...

i am glad you are adjusting to your job! i just started training and i am feeling overwhelmed already! :/
sounds like you are doing well there! i am glad!!!!


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