Friday, September 25, 2009

Girls Night Out!

So I decided this year that I was going to try to coordinate a Girls Night Out for the ladies I work with once a month. I invited all girls and we got a pretty good turn out this month! We went ( last night ) to the LA County Fair. Let me tell you, it is SO much better than the OC fair! It is HUGE! The only downfall I felt was that it was 101 degrees at 5pm. BLEH! We had SO much fun! We sat a one table and ate dinner and talked for nearly two hours! I decided next month we just need to go to dinner, so that way we can all just sit and visit like we did this time. We did get to do some walking around, and most of the group stayed much later than I did. I wish I could have stayed longer but I was EXHAUSTED and have a horrible head cold, so I needed to go home and sleep!
My friends.... Spanish teacher Natalie, my partner in crime Jen ( who teaches 5th with me ) me, Amy who teaches speech, and Tara who teaches 4th.
Eating! YES!
The new person added to this picture in the red is Diva, who also teaches 5th with us.
Anna, Title I Coordinator and computer Goo Roo and dear friend.......well....enough is described in the words needed!

New friends added to this picture are Jean ( who used to teach 1st and now teaches at the middle school ), her daughter Jen, me in the middle, Kat who teaches RSP and is Anna's daughter, and Lisa who teaches 3rd. Who hoo! What a great group of girls!
Hadn't see these before so I HAD to take a picture!
Kat and Anna. Once again, enough said!

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