Monday, September 14, 2009

Lucy's Stats- 20 months

Well most of you know already, but Lucy has been sick for the past few days. High High fever that just won't go away. Two doctor visits and four days later...they say its either a.) virus b.) roseola c.) bladder infection. They say if her fever persists another day or so, bring her in for a urine test. We will see. I really hope that she is ok, I just want my little girl back! This fussiness and sad face little girl makes me melt!

However, I wanted to post her 20 month stats since we checked them at the doctor.
Height = 35 inches - 97 % percentile
Weight = 30 lbs.- 94% percentile

She is on her way to 2 years old!!!! ( sniff sniff )


The Stofle Family said...

I hope Lucy is feeling better!!

meg said...

hope she feels better soon. it is so hard on mommy and baby to be sick. daddy's too.

ryansmom said...

Hope Lucy is better soon. Keep us posted. She is in my prayers.


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