Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Handmade gifts are the best!

This isn't the greatest picture of the present or Lucy but I wanted to get it online anyway! My mother-in-law's friend Susan Hicks sent us a package that included a handmade quilt and tag blanket! Aren't they adorable!!! The backside of the tag blanket is green silky...and the backside of the quilt is the polka dot material..and to top it off, the polka dot material is made of minky! She is in love with the softness and I am in love at the cuteness! THANK YOU SUSAN!!! We will forever treasure these items!!


Trapp Family said...

So cute...I love the tag blankets...Sawyer always plays with the tags!!! Lucky Lucy!!!

Rob and Kelly said...

Hi! I do the same (click on a link and then all of sudden I feel like I know the people but then realize they don't know I am reading and then I feel weird :)

What part of Costa Rica did you go to? My husband lived in the central part, Heredia but we have been all over. I look at my daughters and think, are ticas! (Well, tica/gringa).

By the way, Lucy is very cute!


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