Wednesday, February 27, 2008


WOW! I never knew how bad it would be until it happened. I am so glad that my mother-in-law could come. Troy was supposed to come, but he had a meeting all day so last minute he cancelled. Not nice to do to a FREAKED out mother. I did get lucky because Lynda held her down while the nurse did it, I do not think I could have dont it. I can't believe how horrible their little cry is, like nothing you have ever heard :( nor want to hear again. Right now she is sleeping, must be the Tylenol they gave her, poor thing. I was told she will be fussy for the next 24-36 hours...lets hope not, I will do my best to soothe and comfort her.
On a better note, she is in the 95% percentile for weight and height! This means that if she were with 100 babies her age, she would be taller and heavier than 94 of them! HAH! She definitely is a Sherman. She is almost 24 inches tall and weighs 12lb 9oz. The doctor was happy to see all of her growth and how well she was doing. She also told me that we are not supposed to do solid foods ( meaning anything other than formula) until 6 months now! Usually its like 3 1/2 or 4 months! I was floored. She said too many babies are starting to have food allergies early, so they believe it might be because the food is started too early. We will see! I was excited to get to do it in a bit so that she would sleep longer, but alas I will need to be patient. I need to follow dr's orders :) I will post a pic of Lucy's poor little bandaged legs soon !


Trapp Family said...

I have never heard of the food thing....we always gave cereal at four months and food at five and six. Every dr. is different though. I hate shots and in the first year they have to get sooo many!!!

carolemead said...

We actually did that with Brandon and it worked out really well. He was not lactose intolerant, had no food allergies and was able to digest all foods really easily. He also had us introduce only one kind of food at a time so that if there was a reaction, we would know which food caused it. Now, look at him, he can drink Guiness Beer with no ill effects, all from the way we introduced his food at six months!
Love ya, Carole

carrfamily4 said...

hey sarah,
This is Julie Carr, robins daughter. I love your blog all the pictures are so cute. You have such a cute little family. Hope all is well. Let me know If you ever need anything.


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