Saturday, February 9, 2008

Road Trip and Superbowl

Well here is just a plain cute picture! (mid-yawn while dad burps her)

Superbowl...We went to our my friend Claire’s house to watch the Superbowl and I basically didn’t hold my daughter the entire time. Claire and her sister Danielle were fighting over who got to hold was very nice. They both do not have kids and want them desperately, and I have been told by many that Lucy makes people either a.) want to have more kids or b.) want to HAVE kids! I think their husbands were a little mad at me and our influence by the end of the day! We also made new friends with a couple that is due to have a baby the beginning of March. I am so excited for Lucy to have sooo many friends and cousins her age!

Mesmerized by the game as you can tell!

Claire and Lucy is above ( right after Lucy barfed all over her without a burp cloth)

The picture below is of her sister Danielle and Lucy.

Ok so I figured out how to drag and drop pictures on my last post but can't figure it out now, and I can't figure out how to write above this starting with the picture above and going of our first road trip with Lucy. We left on Thursday. We went to Vegas to visit her new cousin Emma that was born on Superbowl Sunday. Emma’s parents are Troy’s cousin Chad and his wife Sarah. It was a very exciting yet SHORT trip. Grandma Lynda and Lucy and I left Thursday at about 1pm and got back Friday night! We were able to do a little shopping at the Barstow and Las Vegas outlets for Lucy, visit Emma, and visit more cousins, Jen and David. We barely slept and were on the go every minute, and Lucy was the BEST baby the entire time! She is such a doll. The picture above is of Chad with Emma and Grandma Lynda with Lucy.

Cousin David feeding Lucy.
Emma Michelle Anderson

Emma's mom Sarah and I.

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Trapp Family said...

wow you are quite the traveler I am very impressed I have not taken either of my kids on a road trip yet!!


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