Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last weekend

On Saturday we took a trip to Balboa and the Wedge. Troy decided to take some pictures to remember Lucy's first beach trip!

I just love this picture. It doesn't even really look like her to me...but it is SOO cute and candid.
Every time we put her face in the sun ( good dose of Vitamin D by the way) she would close her eyes and stay really calm. I can tell she is going to be a sun bather when she gets older like her momma.
This is to prove we really were at the beach. It isn't the greatest picture but it proves the point.

This was after church on was a beautiful day so we decided to get some cool shots! Above is our "family picture"
Our adorable little girl getting her beauty sleep. In fact she slept through all ( or most ) of church! And 3 hours is a LONG time! :) much better than the sunday before.
Here is a shot of how she always looks when she is sleeping..unless we have her swaddled. Arms in the air, legs crossed....this sweater dress and red tights was so cute on her!
Our friend Claire caught such a great shot!

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Trapp Family said...

Those pictures are too cute!! She is getting soooo big!!! My boys sleep just like that they never wanted to be swaddled with their arms in!


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