Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's, Long Beach, Baby Bjorn

For Valentine's day Troy and I decided we wouldn't get each other anything...however we both somehow never follow that rule. He actually got me the beautiful necklace that I am wearing in the picture above. Lucy loves it as well! This was the best picture we could get of it while I was holding Lucy. I framed 3 pictures of Troy, Lucy and I for his office so he would have something to brag about! :) We went out to Outback for the night and G & G Sherman baby-sat for us. Then we drove to Santa Ana so I could get some Pinkberry! My favorite dessert!! It was a great night.
So Troy and I finally tried out the Baby Bjorn. We love it! I need a little assistance when using it at the moment, but it is so fun and Lucy loves it too! These pictures are of when we went for a walk...funny thing we were trying to be good and exercise but we actually walked to Albertson's and got stuff to make strawberry shortcake! Way to lose those pregnancy pounds Sarah! Oh well they were delish! AND, Lucy fell asleep 3 minutes after we started walking and it was quite chilly outside to boot.

Making fun of Lucy's sad face. We think it is quite adorable!

Soo we went to Long Beach and walked around and had dinner with our friends Danielle and Brad...then went over to their place to play the Wii. was beautiful at our house, so we figured it would be great to be down in LB. However we didn't realize how COLD and WINDY it would be close to the water. Poor Lucy, we had to feed her in the HORRIBLE weather ...and of course this was the one time that I didn't bring 100 blankets and overprepare. The picture above is her FREEZING her hiny off.
I used the Baby Bjorn for the first time in Long Beach, see it works like a charm! Except for the freezing weather part, that actually kept her quite awake.

Notice the Queen Mary in the back? Awesome!

We finally bundled Lucy up with everything we had, and I had to take some cute pictures of her.


Trapp Family said...

Fun!!! We love our baby bjorn I had to buy a new one for sawyer!!! Maybe someday you guys will want to hangout with us again!!

The Castletons said...

Troy!! I can't believe you have a little baby! That is so exciting!!


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