Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

Coming down the stairs to see her Easter basket.
Sooooo happy!

I love the sheer JOY on her face!

I never thought Lucy would truly like E.T. this young. Boy was I wrong. We have had to watch it everyday so far since Easter and she begs and begs to watch it again throughout the day!
The Easter Bunny brought Lucy a ball and glove! Notice the pink and white ball suspended in the air.

Lucy just HAD to watercolor with Daddy right away!

We then cooked breakfast. We do this at least one weekend day every weekend. I have been on a homemade waffle kick lately. I have the easiest recipe and they are SO much better than bisquick. Lucy always gets whipped cream on top.

We then dyed eggs. Same set up as last year except this year Lucy didn't drink the vinegary dye!

This picture is a little out of order but it is the deviled eggs I made for our Easter dinner later in the day.
Here is Lucy in her Easter outfit. I actually didn't buy anything. It was all stuff we had! Kinda nice!
Lucy and me in all my pregnant glory. Double ugh!

Lucy with my mom and I.
A family picture! Alas! We don't happen to get many of these!
We had our friends Andrea and her dad Dan over and Andrea's son Luke to do a egg hunt. It is kind of a tradition now...we did an Easter egg hunt with the two of them last year as well! I wish I knew how to link to an old post of mine, but I don't. If you look back at March or April of 09 in my old posts you will see the two of them. It is funny because last year Lucy was TOTALLY into it, and Luke TOTALLY wasn't. This year it was the exact opposite. Lucy picked up a few and then flipped her hair and looked bored and Luke had like 5 times as many eggs as Lucy and just kept running around. Funny how things change!

We tried our best to get them to pose....
And then we said something like.."Ok give hugs now." And, well, Luke was all over it and Lucy was NOT.
Troy was behind the camera. If I was, I would have gotten a ton more shots. We were laughing so hard I think he didn't think about it. Lucy kept saying, " Nooooo Luke noooooooo."
So we then told them to go play tag. They did a really good job!

So I attempted to cook a little this Easter. My in laws ( who always do the cooking ) were in Utah, so it gave me the chance to experiment. Above is a lovely vegetable tray from Cost-co...a lot of hard work there!
Rolls, deviled eggs ( the ones I made in the morning) and a wonderful salad that my mom brought. Which by the way, our guests were my mom, my brother Michael, and his girlfriend Charlene. A perfect size to experiment on!
Funeral potatoes ( warm, yummy, cheesy, artery clogging goodness) and green bean casserole. ( I have never tried making it, and I just HAD to since its a classic!)
Doesn't look to appetizing in this picture but I also made a ham! And for dessert I had planned to make strawberry shortcake but my brother brought a cute Easter cake over, so I didn't have to make the shortcake.
Lucy devouring the Easter cake. It was delish! ( and ended up turning her mouth blue- pic below)

And we forgot to decorate the eggs in the morning ( with the stickers and such ) so here is a sampling of our decoration we did that night. It was a Disney princess kit we got, hence the castle and the crown on the egg :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Tawny said...

What a wonderful Easter!!! I love the picture of Lucy laying down with Troy painting, so cute!
Can you believe that next Easter you'll be setting out TWO baskets!!!

Darci said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Did you guys dye the eggs on Easter??????

Jessica said...

Cute pictures! It's so fun when they are into it.... we had a blast this year at Easter.

By the way, you are SO cute pregnant! You look like you've hardly gained any weight!


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