Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh and new !

Lucy gets her bangs cut from her Grandma Sherman every few weeks, but this time she really needed a bang cut and HAIR cut! We have never cut her hair ( other than the bangs). We wanted shorter than what we got but now I am happy with how it looks. We went to a great kiddy cut place in Santa Margarita that I will definitely be returning to! She got to sit in a princess chair, watch any movie she wanted, and get the full treatment! She was seriously SO good. She sat perfectly still and wouldn't even turn her head. I love my little Lucer.

"All done Mommy!"
Top View
Back View
They gave her lollipops, an egg filled with candy ( Easter was the following day), stickers, this place was the BEST!
I just love this picture of her!

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