Friday, April 9, 2010

Married for 4 wonderful years!!

I will start with an engagement picture of us. This was taken in November of 05.
Here are some wedding pictures! Not too many people have even seen our wedding pictures, main reason? We were lazy and never even ordered our already paid for album! I know I know don't go there with me....someday!

And here are some pictures of some of the details.....first, below, is our reception site in Rancho Santa Margarita.
Top of the cake!
Our AMAZING cake!
Where we sat at the head table.
In front of where we got married, the Newport Beach Temple.

Now onto our Four Year Anniversary! Troy had to work, so after he got off we went to Newport to Baja Rockin Lobster! Our FAVORITE place to eat dinner! Cute picture of Lucy and I, don't mind the sign in the back! Just to warn you I went picture crazy, and I am not the most tasteful person when taking pictures so bare with the dinner ones!

Mmm, tortillas and salsa, chips, and caesar salad!
So someone offered to take our picture! We were so happy! I guess Lucy thought otherwise.
Troy and Lucy sharing a virgin Pina Colada. Well Lucy had one sip and decided it was GROSS. Hopefully she always feels that way with those drinks! I do!

Lucy LOVED the salad! She has been loving all salad lately!
Our bucket finally arrived! Lobster tail, shrimp, carne asada and chicken!
haha, Lucy loved the shrimp!
Then after dinner we walked on the pier and then went and got ice cream. Here are some pier shots. By the way it was VERY windy!

It was a great day and I am so happy to be married to my Troy Boy!!


krista said...

Cute pictures.
Sarah! You need to do that. Seriously.

Crystal and Kyle said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Tawny said...

What neat pictures! I loved seeing them all! You were such a beautiful bride!
Where is that baby Stetson in those look fantastic!!! Those pier pics of L are so cute! Good job!

Kristin Sellars said...

Happy Anniversary! We had the same colors for our wedding :) And I didn't know you lived in Orange County! We used to live in Mission Viejo but just moved to Corona Del Mar. Our girls look close in age. We should meet at a park sometime to let them play. It might be fun to meet in real life :)


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