Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Love

Here are some pictures of our new little family spending some quality time together :)
Here Stetson is dressed up to go to watch daddy and Lucy in the jacuzzi.
Lucy....ready to go in the jacuzzi!

I love that at this stage they can fall asleep practically anywhere!
My babies and their binkies!
She LOVES to kiss right now! Favorite person to kiss? Of course Stetson!
Cuddle time!
I love the look she has on her face...its of complete devotion....


krista said...

Sarah....seriously...what a beautiful family. Lucy loves's so sweet. I am sure the adjustment is hard...but you are blessed girly. Congratulations on a CUTE CUTE baby boy.

The McLane Blog Page: said...

so adorable! Congrats you guys!

Crystal and Kyle said...

Yeah Pictures! I kept checking and checking your blog after you had Stetson and then the last two weeks have been crazy and I missed all the posts. I love his little brown and white striped outfit. Does he look like lucy did? He looks different to me from these pics. He is a boy though :) Either way, he is sooo cute. We're sad we are going to miss his newborn stage. They're so fun to hold at that age. He will be so big when we come down in August.

Kyle talks to troy and gives me the basic updates on how things are going but I need to call you and here the woman's side of things :) Probably totally different. Hope you're healing ok and starting to feel back to normal. We are so happy for you guys! Love ya


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