Friday, June 25, 2010

Stetson at 4 weeks/ Father's Day

I am combining some pictures of Stetson at 4 weeks and also Father's Day, so some of the pictures aren't exactly Stetson at 4 weeks but it is close enough. For Father's Day we first walked the Mission Viejo Lake together, then went to Ted's in Aliso Viejo for breakfast burritos! ( that place is AMAZING ), then took Lucy and Stetson to the park, napped, and went to Troy's parents house for dinner. It was a full day, and we had a blast!

Here is a picture of 4 generations of Sherman men!

If only we got a better shot of Stetson's onesie. It says "daddys future caddy!"
Lucy loves her Great Grandpa Sherman! And he lets her get away with murder! Here she was drinking water and spitting it everywhere! yuck!
I love this picture even IF it is upside down and I don't know how to turn it around!
Troy's request for Fathers Day was I make a SKOR bar cake. We made it with Heath bars instead and boy was it great! It consisted of ice cream sandwhiches, hersheys syrup, cool whip and crushed heath bars all layered together!

Aunt Bev with Stetson
Lucy giving her daddy a piece of cake. She delivered everyone their dessert and as she did she said " Happy Father's Day!" It was adorable!
What the cake looked like inside!
Right before we left, Steve ( Grandpa ) and Lucy took one last swing!

I just love pictures of sleeping babies...especially my own!
Here are some pictures of Lucy getting her Big Sister time!

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