Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Bath ( sponge )

Here is Stetson taking his first bath at home! ( it counts even if it was a sponge bath!) His umbilical stump fell off at a week and a half so he is totally into real baths now! We realized that we have to be a lot nicer to him with the water and soap, I think we are used to giving Lucy her baths and dousing her in soap and water. Troy gave him a bath a few days ago and he totally got soap and bubbles in his mouth and couldn't breathe. I wasn't home, so he told me about it later. I guess Troy ended up giving him gas drops and it got rid of the bubbles. It was pretty much torture for them both though, Troy felt HORRIBLE.

1 comment:

STEPH said...

The first picture totally made me laugh cause there you have the baby bath sitting in the sink...with a whole slew of knifes right next to it.
Not that there is a need to move them...but the image just made me laugh.
Love you guys!


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