Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stetson is 1 month!

Stetson is 1 month! I am going to attempt to do something a lot of my friends do as their children get older. Each month they take pictures with the same item , seeing the child grow, ( obviously NOT the item grow!) We chose to put him on a horse ( trying to go along with his Cowboy name). Eventually he will be able to sit on the horse by himself, but for now, he needed some help! Here is his one month shot: ( well two since i didnt know which one to choose! )

Things to remember about this past month:

- Today ( well the day he turned 1 month- not exactly today ) he spent a good almost 6 hours at the Spectrum ( with the Veneracion clan) and did great! He either ate or slept and did most of his sleeping in the Moby!!! yahoo to that! I intend on wearing the Moby a lot more ( just really need to learn the proper way to use it! )

- Has had one night where he slept for 7 hours straight, every other night is 3-4 hours. The 4 hours tends to be on the weekend when Troy has Stetson duty.

- Still trying to get him to take a pacifier. He does ok, but I would love for when he is fussy, to be able to take it. He usually takes it when he IS NOT fussy!

- At 1 month he is drinking roughly 4 oz every 3 hours. He JUST stepped up to this, and sometimes chooses not to drink all 4 oz.

-Doesn't like his swing or the pack n play ( things Lucy loved ) but he does love his boppy pillow, his rainforest mat - and he sleeps and naps in his bouncer! I don't know what we are going to do when he outgrows the bouncer because that = sleepy time for him!

-Naps in the bathroom with a fan on in his bouncer

- Is a really good sleeper during the day if we are at home. He is usually up to eat, then plays for an hour, then sleeps for two to three hours---a great pattern at this time, but when we are out he isn't too much of a fan at this point.

- LOVES story time with Lucy in her room on her bed! Everyday around 430pm Lucy asks to read to him, he adores this time from what I can tell!

-Has reflux and colic- ( I dont really think he has colic but a dr told us he did) Reflux is really sad
because he chokes all the time, gets hiccups almost every feeding, has trouble catching his breath! Ugh! at least he isnt throwing up every feeding though. Colic- well I dont think it is colic, as soon as the dr. said that he had us switch to Nutramigen formula and it has worked wonders, so I think that solved the problem. That is not to say he doesnt cry, but he, to me, doesnt show signs of the screaming like he did before the formula change. By the way we have changed formulas 4 times now! Hope this is it!

- Has melted our hearts! We love him and are happy to keep him!


Nikki said...

So cute... Love the horse!!!! I can't believe he is a month already... Now I have to ask, Is that one of the outfits I gave you (the one in the horse picture)? I believe it is cause I loved that shirt on Aidan. Totally made me teary eyed to see the shirt on another little boy...But love it at the same time!

The Acosta Family said...

Cute! It's amazing how much goes on in the first month! I can't wait!!! I like the idea of taking a picture with the same item each month to show how much he has grown. Did you end up ordering the stickers from I ordered some for my growing belly! They should be here any day! :)

Crystal and Kyle said...

He's getting so big. I love the color of his hair. Good luck with the formula.


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