Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 Boat Parade

We went over to our friend April and Garrick's families house on Lido Isle to watch the boat parade. I haven't done this since I was little....and it was so much fun seeing it through the kids eyes. Here is Stetson on the way there.... ( granted we left at like their bedtime)Lucy took a cat nap on the way there.
Garrick's parents house was decorated AMAZING. Pictures of course never do it justice. She has massive wreaths, Christmas trees, you name it, and ALL fresh, so when you walked in it was the best smell!!!

She had this picture of Santa that was ten feet tall, it was painted for her especially.....

Enjoying snacks before the boat show, Lucy and Kelsey.
Trying on their Santa know Stetson and hats!

Stealing goodies from the snack table.

Then we went outside in the ....well...probably 65 degree weather at 9pm at night...perfect boat parade weather! Here we all are watching the boats while sitting on the dock.

There was a boat that had Santa on it and he threw out little penguins. Stetson and Lucy both caught them, but Stetson chose to throw his back in the water!!!

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