Monday, January 2, 2012

Halloween 2011

Trick or treating at our church's Trunk or Treat the night before Halloween.
Carving pumpkins !!!!

We have to liven the pics up a little don't we?
She did a good job cutting out the design by herself!!! And LOOK at those sparkly pink nails!!!
This little cutie had fun watching us and playing with his dump truck!

The finished product! All drawn and cut by Lucy!!
On Halloween itself, we went to our friend Tricia's house in Ladera Ranch and they had a little community party going on before it got dark. They had a pinata.....
Where they got a HUGE bag full of candy each...

A jumper....
That had an awesome slide on one end.....
We then went into Tricia's house and had pizza to start the night out right!
Stetson had a ton of fun playing with Tyler's toys.
Tricia's boys dressed up for Halloween...Hunter and Porter.
Here is little Yoda their younger brother who is a week older than Stetson. ( Tyler )
Trick or treating was super fun!!! Although I am sad because a lot of people put their basket of candy out...and don't open the door. Lucy and Stetson love it because they grabbed tons of candy, but it's more fun to get people to open their door. Stetson had a blast trick or treating. I was worried, but as soon as someone opened their door, he let himself in and grabbed handfuls of candy! That boy!
There he goes following his sister. We were out way past bedtime and he never tuckered out! He RAN from house to house.
Devouring a basket somebody left outside to choose "one". If kids only knew the meaning of one!
We had a ton of fun! Halloween is becoming one of my favorite holidays!

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