Monday, January 2, 2012

New bikes!

This past summer all of our bikes and bike trailer got stolen from our carport. We were really really this was a fun family activity we enjoy doing together. Well we ended up putting a claim in for them because of the total expense being something that was quite big for us ....and we got a great return!! I love Allstate! Troy and I were able to get awesome road bikes, a trailer, and a trail a bike for Lucy. When Troy totalled his car back in October, this ended up being the main source of transportation for him and the kids for a month! Here were Troy and Lucy going for their first ride using his bike and her trail a bike.
Love this picture! ( below )

Funny story to remember: One time when they were riding, they had been riding for quite some time ( 15 miles to be exact ) and Lucy told Troy she was falling asleep! That is how much effort she puts in!!! pah ha ha!!

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