Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lucy's First Dance Recital!

In October we signed Lucy up for dance ( tap and ballet ) lessons. We have been SO pleased with the facility and with what she has been learning. And another perk is that she is in the same class as my best friend from elementary/middle school's daughter. What a fun thing right? Troy gets to take her each week, so I don't get to see my friend ( Lauren Fisher for those of you who have known me long enough ) but Troy gets to see her and our girls have become friends. And recently Lucy and her daughter Hayden were asked to become part of a dance crew, which is stepping it up a little, and they get to perform at different community events, which is way more than their one or two recitals a year. We were thrilled! She starts next week and even has a performance this weekend! Here are ( not so good ) pictures from her Christmas dance recital. All of our cameras were dying or dead, so we used my moms camera...and couldn't figure out the best place or setting to take pictures. We will have many more opportunities though to take pictures now that she has joined the dance crew!
Lucy's little group was pretending to be working on toys while the older girls were performing. They are the ones on the left.

Hayden ( Lauren's daughter ) is on the right.

We were such proud parents!!

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