Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Day of Preschool!

Well for this year at least! Lucy now is going to be in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 year old class.  She has had an amazing first year of preschool! I was so hesitant to put her in preschool ( being a teacher I have become SO picky with schools in general ) but I am so glad we chose this school. I mean COME ON, her dad went there when he was little! Couldn't be better right? She has become so close with a lot of the other kids, and has developed a great relationship with one of the teachers in particular, Mrs. Schulze ( Sarah ). In fact, when I went to Elevate this weekend I couldn't do Lucy's hair and make up for her dance pictures, so Sarah came to the rescue! We are excited to do her summer camp for the second year in a row this year as well! 
Sooooo, here is Lucy on her first day of preschool back in September.....

And here she was today! I cannot believe how they change so quickly!!!!

And here are two of her three teachers....the one she has become super close with is the 3 year old teacher who is on the right, and her teacher next year is the one on the left. Wonderful women!

To celebrate preschool being over a bunch of us headed to the RSM beach club. Super fun! The kids did so much better there this year than last year. ( this was our first trip this summer ) I can tell there will be many memories made there this summer!

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