Monday, June 18, 2012

Marine Institute Field Trip

Right after my school got out for the summer Lucy's preschool had a field trip to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. I was so excited to be going on a field trip with Lucy's class, because being a full time teacher I never get to do such fun things! This field trip was really perfect for the kiddos, they stayed in one room the whole time and went to different centers to learn about creatures in the ocean. Here are some pictures of our morning!

Here was a crab that was just chilling when we were walking to the institute.

A view of baby beach! We need to go here soon with Lucy and Stetson. It is perfect for little ones! By the way I call it baby beach but I am not sure of the real name. ( sorry! )

Looking at the beautiful views....

I touched this one up a bit.....notice ? Haha. 

This one too. Isn't it beautiful?

Her class was walking to go look at the ocean and I caught Lucy and her friend Addison holding hands. How cute is that??!?!?!

An attempt at a group shot. I gave up! 

Lucy and her bff Grant. She just LOVES this boy. She is in the same preschool class and we go to the same church. We had a playdate with him this morning and I am thinking we will be having a lot more this summer!

Sorting animals.

Classifying them by their sounds.

Peek a boo!

Octopus and see star!

Lucy and Grant writing words ( although this wasn't the center they were supposed to be at! )

They had an awesome instructor for their group.

Reading an ocean book to all the kids. 

I would totally recommend this field trip if you live in the OC.

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