Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July

We stuck around home for the fourth and ended up having a wonderful time! I am posting a lot of pictures that may all look the same to you, but I just couldn't decide what not to include! In the morning we headed off to a pancake breakfast with my in-laws that their ward was having.
I love in this picture below you can see they are holding hands. They just started doing that every once in a while and I LOVE IT.

 Ummm, this pose was ALL them! 
 The breakfast was at a park, so needless to say the kids had a blast!

 They both carried flags around almost the entire time. We tried all day to get Stetson to pronounce "flag" however we went to sleep that night with the "l" still missing, and hoping we didn't offend too many people!

 We then left and put blankets out at this park by the Mission Viejo Lake that would have a great view for the fireworks that night, and I was still hungry, soooo we went to Bravo Burgers for a quick bite. We then went home and rested for a bit ( kids who don't nap but parents who still need to themselves!!!!) and then headed to the Mission Viejo street faire. The kids had a blast! We then BBQ'd with Steve and Lynda and took this cute family pic!

 Then headed back over to our warm blankets that were holding our spot. The kids were SO excited for fireworks!

 Looking at another firework show down the road....

 I love this picture that Troy took. Love the glow necklace and how it stands out!
 Fireworks about to start...Lucy practicing her poses....

 AND, from the second that the show started, Stetson FREAKED and laid on me until he fell asleep! He didn't wake up until we put him in the car. I had to walk with him in the big crowd and everyone was laughing at such a big boy who slept through it all. Maybe next year????

 Oh! And the next day I chopped 4 inches off my hair! I intend to do it ( blow dry and straighten ) more now....we will see how long that lasts!! A messy wet bun has gone on for TOO LONG!

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